Who We Are

STARS Consulting is a digital investigative and crash reconstruction company, with over 60 years of law enforcement/criminal justice system experience, combined. Additionally, over 25 years of computer related experience.

We fill a significant need for quality Digital Forensic Investigations and Traffic Crash Reconstruction. Digital Forensic Examiners and Accident Reconstruction Investigators are similar, but they investigate an incident from opposite ends. Accident Reconstruction looks at what happened in the seconds before and during a crash while a digital forensic examiner is looking at what happened hours before and after a crash. We deliver thorough, objective, and legally sound results to assist you in making informed decisions. 

Our Digital Investigation services include:

Our Traffic Crash Reconstruction Services include:

Other Services we offer:

One of our specialties is reconstructing traffic crashes involving commercial vehicles.

Who do you call when a good day goes bad?

You have just poured your first cup of coffee when your dispatcher calls to tell you that one of your trucks has just been involved in a fatal crash.  The next number you dial may very well determine whether or not your company survives.


The projected increases in vehicle population, freight demand, traffic density, and congestion will continue to increase the exposure of each truck to crashes. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides the following statistics:

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