Clients Served

We offer our professional services to a wide range of clients:


Many traffic crash reconstruction firms focus their efforts on providing services to either plaintiff or defense clients. STARS Consulting takes pride in balancing our cases to represent a mix of both. Upon request, we will gladly provide the names of clients for whom we have consulted in order for you to obtain references regarding our performance.

Commercial Trucking Companies

When a commercial fleet vehicle is involved in a traffic crash, a prompt and professional response is imperative to preserve evidence at the scene and provide a technical analysis of the crash--so that you, the trucking company are best prepared for litigation.

Governmental Agencies

Whether it be a federal, state, or local agency that is defending an allegation of negligence for a driver or vehicle operating under its control, a roadway defect, or some catastrophic event, STARS Consulting has the skill sets, training, and experience to assist with fact finding.

Law Enforcement Agencies

While many law enforcement agencies have qualified crash reconstruction teams, STARS Consulting is willing to offer our expertise when an impartial, unbiased analysis is requested.


Many traffic crash reconstruction firms do not take individuals as clients. STARS Consulting sees the need for this service and takes pride in representing anyone who requires our expertise. We welcome a mix of all clients. One of our primary goals is to give back to our communities. One way we provide corporate goodwill is by providing at-cost traffic crash investigative and testimonial services to indigent victims of serious traffic crashes involving alcohol or drug-impaired drivers.

Insurance Entities

Insurance adjusters have relied on STARS Consulting to provide an honest and thorough evaluation of the many cases we have assisted them with throughout the claims process. Contact us to discuss an assignment and obtain information about how our firm can assist you with your particular case.