Digital Forensic Services

STARS Consulting, LLC has a professional digital investigative unit that provides expert services in the areas of computer forensics, mobile device forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery, data recovery, vehicle forensics, infotainment & telematics system forensics, GPS & mobile device investigations, and forensic downloading of vehicle CDR/ECM (black box). We serve law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies, private individuals, and other forensic consultants. We deliver affordable, thorough, objective, and legally sound results that may assist you in making informed decisions.

The forensic specialists at STARS Consulting will ensure that any and all digital evidence and data recovered will be appropriately collected, according to legal specifications to be admissible in a court of law. We will also establish a sound chain of custody of the evidence to ensure evidence integrity. Entrusting these tasks to anyone else but a specially trained computer forensics expert could damage or destroy critical evidence, or render it inadmissible in court.

Contact digital forensics expert, Trish McGarvey, to discuss your case and determine how STARS Consulting can assist with your investigation.

Computer Forensics:

Computer forensics is the identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and reporting on digital evidence. STARS Consulting offers computer forensic expertise that may help strengthen your case, be it civil, criminal, internal, or private investigation. STARS Consulting handles all cases with respect, integrity, and professionalism and is a licensed private investigative firm in the State of Ohio.  Below is a list of some of the professional services we offer:

Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics:

At STARS Consulting, we specialize in locating and identifying the digital information you need, and provide it to you in a way that may be useful to your investigation or situation. We can duplicate and document evidence that is present on a mobile device in a way that can be utilized in court or an investigation. We can recover data that was accidentally or intentionally deleted. We can even recover data from devices that have been factory reset. Recovered data can include:

The data that we can recover and document is dependent upon both the device, and the particular version of the operating system. Devices must power on and boot properly for data to be gathered, but we can often repair and stabilize devices that are not working at full capacity. Don’t risk potentially corrupting data by trying to recover it without expert assistance.

High-Tech Investigations:

Workplace internal and criminal investigations can be very sensitive. Oftentimes, the human resource professionals utilize computer forensics examiners to conduct the investigations that impact employment, and/or identify white collar crime or other criminal activity. When this type of situation arises, it must be handled quickly, properly, and professionally. Being proactive rather than reactive in this type of situation is critical. Contact STARS Consulting to establish appropriate protocols for responding to these types of incidents. Below is a list of some potential scenarios:

Vehicle Infotainment, Telematic & GPS Data in Forensic Investigations:

Many of the new vehicles on the market today come equipped with sophisticated navigation, communication, and entertainment systems. These systems, in the process of performing their functions, monitor and record a tremendous amount of data that may be helpful in investigating vehicle crash events and other incidents.

STARS Consulting experts who specialize in digital forensics are certified to acquire data contained within the infotainment and telematics systems often including, but not limited to:

From vehicle crashes to criminal acts of theft, vandalism, or stalking, the data stored within vehicle infotainment systems can frequently be used to substantiate or fill-in missing information relevant to an investigation.

Call STARS Consulting to see how we may be able to assist in your case, as we:

GPS & Mobile Device Investigations:

The extraction and analysis of data from GPS units and other mobile electronic devices can provide valuable, quantifiable data to assist in the resolution of disputes involving motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The experts at STARS Consulting have specialized training, education, and experience to extract data from a broad range of systems and devices and interpret that information within the context of a specific incident.

Our expertise goes beyond acquiring and analyzing data from infotainment and telematics systems. Our extensive range of technical disciplines and specialty areas of practice extends into crash reconstruction, and driver actions, including distracted driving.

Contact digital forensics expert, Trish McGarvey, or crash reconstruction expert, Steve Belyus, to discuss your case and determine how STARS Consulting can assist with your investigation.

STARS Consulting can conduct a full forensic examination, produce a professional, scientific  investigative report, in a manner consistent with the best practices of handling digital evidence.

Private and Domestic Investigations:

Domestic investigations can be very sensitive situations. STARS Consulting understands the various emotions involved and provides sensitivity and confidentiality throughout the entire process. STARS Consulting’s qualified experts can locate the necessary evidence needed from mobile phones, tablet pc’s, computer’s, and vehicles. Below are a few of the investigative scenarios:

Expert Forensic Data Witness Services:

STARS Consulting’s qualified experts use their forensic/technical expertise and experience to help prove a client’s case and/or refute the opposition’s claims.

Contact digital forensics expert, Trish McGarvey, or crash reconstruction expert, Steve Belyus, to discuss your case and determine how STARS Consulting can assist with your investigation.