Scientific Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialists

STARS Consulting is a multi-faceted risk management firm. We fill a significant need for quality Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Expert Testimony, Risk Management, Safety-related Consulting Services, Forensic CDR/ECM Downloads, Digital Forensic Investigations, Vehicle Forensics, Computer/Mobile Forensics, and level-specific Background Investigations - at affordable prices. STARS Consulting welcomes all clients and we provide a no-cost initial consultation.

Our specialty includes Commercial Vehicles as well as Digital Investigations:

Contact digital forensics expert, Trish McGarvey, or crash reconstruction expert, Steve Belyus, to discuss your case and determine how STARS Consulting can assist with your investigation.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with clear, honest, and accurate explanations of evidence from traffic crash investigations and digital forensic investigations as well as provide our clients professional-grade safety training, and risk management consulting services.

Our Vision

To be the sought-after traffic crash reconstruction, digital investigation, and consulting firm that has an impeccable reputation for honesty, accuracy, quality, and professionalism.

Core Values

Goals & Objectives