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Vehicle data is increasingly used in investigations.

Many of the new vehicles on the market today come equipped with sophisticated navigation,
communication, and entertainment systems. These systems, in the process of performing their
functions, monitor and record a tremendous amount of data that may be helpful in
investigating vehicle crash events and other incidents.

STARS Consulting experts who specialize in digital forensics are certified to acquire data
contained within the infotainment and telematics systems often including, but not limited to:

  • Vehicle Navigation Information

  • Saved and Favorite Locations

  • Tracklogs

  • Waypoints

  • Connected Devices

  • Wi-Fi Connections

  • Contact Lists

  • Emails

  • Call Logs

  • SMS Messages

  • Pictures and Other Media Files

  • Social Media Feeds

  • Event Data with Associated Time and Location:

  • Lights Turning On/Off

  • Doors Opening/Closing

  • Gears Shifting to Drive/Reverse

  • Parking Lights On/Off

From vehicle crashes to criminal acts of theft, vandalism, or stalking, the data stored within
vehicle infotainment systems can frequently be used to substantiate or fill-in missing
information relevant to an investigation.

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