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Data recovery and evidence retrieval on mobile devices.

At STARS Consulting, we specialize in locating and identifying the digital information you need,
and provide it to you in a way that may be useful to your investigation or situation. We can
duplicate and document evidence that is present on a mobile device in a way that can be
utilized in court or an investigation. We can recover data that was accidentally or intentionally
deleted. We can even recover data from devices that have been factory reset. Recovered data
can include:

  • Pictures

  • Videos

  • Text Messages

  • iMessages

  • Address Book

  • Call History Log Recovery

  • Voicemails

  • Calendar Information

  • Emails

  • GPS Location Information

  • Browsing History

  • Web Searches

  • Recovery of User Lock Codes

  • SIM Card Cloning and Data Extraction

  • Physical Memory (Hex) Dump

  • Phone File System Capture

The data that we can recover and document is dependent upon both the device, and the
particular version of the operating system. Devices must power on and boot properly for data
to be gathered, but we can often repair and stabilize devices that are not working at full
capacity. Don’t risk potentially corrupting data by trying to recover it without expert assistance.

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